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David I. Deyhimy M.D., FASAM

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Drug addiction is not a moral failing, but rather a chronic and treatable disease of the brain. Unfortunately, stigma and misinformation are all too common in addiction treatment and actually discourage patients from seeking help, understanding their treatment options, and receiving proper evidence-based treatment. This type of misinformation and prejudice has no place in addiction treatment. 

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. David Deyhimy is an Orange County physician, who is board-certified in both addiction medicine and anesthesiology. He believes that addiction, like many other chronic diseases, is not only treatable, but often curable by combining proper medication with education, support and behavioral changes.

Helping patients and families navigate the complicated landscape of addiction and recovery is often challenging, but also tremendously rewarding. Addiction medicine is one of the few medical specialties that affords a physician the opportunity to literally save lives and improve patients’ quality of life every day. 

Dr. Deyhimy started practicing addiction medicine in 2011 and then went on to found South County Addiction Treatment Services (SCATS) in 2013. Combining evidence-based medicine and principles of harm reduction, SCATS provides medically-assisted withdrawal (detox) for virtually all types of drugs and alcohol, treating patients in residential treatment programs and in outpatient settings (home, your doctor’s office, our local clinic, etc.).

In 2018, Deyhimy established MYMATCLINIC to offer individualized addiction treatment for patients and families in an office-based setting. MYMATCLINIC specializes in Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), which is clinically proven to significantly reduce the need for inpatient detoxification service. MAT works by dramatically reducing cravings, improving treatment engagement and retention, helping prevent relapse and reducing the incidence of death from overdose.

Addiction treatment must be easy and flexible for both patients and their families. Removing barriers to treatment improves patient engagement, and engagement is one of the single greatest predictors of better outcomes for patients.

MYMATCLINIC treatment teams include physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and administrative assistants to better serve the needs of patients and their families. Treatment plans and medications are individualized to a patient’s needs and circumstances. MYMATCLINIC offers a range of additional services to better support patients through case management, psychiatric services and referrals, telemedicine, and concierge services (home-based detox, MAT and addiction treatment).

Consistent with his philosophy of harm reduction, Dr. Deyhimy has served as the medical director of Solace Foundation of Orange County since 2015. Solace Foundation provides education and training in opioid overdose reversal as well as distributing Naloxone reversal kits throughout Orange County. As of December 2019, over 16,000 kits (32,000 doses) have been distributed with 2200 documented overdose reversals.

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